The Casey Neilon Entrepreneur Excellence™ (CNEE) program is designed to help successful entrepreneurs manage the complexities they face every day.  Most business owners who realize prosperity experience both blessings and challenges.  The single biggest challenge seems to be the complexity associated with making difficult decisions and getting all of the work done once the decisions are made.

While this program will benefit any type of entrepreneur, it is designed specifically for business owners who are also family stewards.  A family steward is someone who works hard to take care of their family.  Their business decisions are made with an eye toward advancing their company but also blessing their family.  They want their financial resources to relieve family members of worries and to encircle the ones they love in a blanket of protection.

This motivation adds an additional level of complexity to how decisions are made, both at work and at home.  For family stewards, even if their business is thriving and prosperous, if it doesn’t bless and protect the family, it is not a success.   This is why the CNEE program takes into account so much more than just financial outcomes.


Entrepreneurs who are also family stewards need a partner who understands their complex motivations and who can take action on their behalf.

In our experience, for a family steward to have peace of mind and enjoy the fruits of their labors, they need to know that they have a plan to achieve all that matters to them regarding their wealth and their family and they need to be confident in that plan.  This is exactly what the CNEE program is designed to produce.

What types of complexities do successful entrepreneurs face?  Certain challenges have to do with how to manage and grow their business.  Our Business Services are designed to address these decisions.  But there are other more intimate challenges that have to do with creating alignment between the structure of family wealth and the goals entrepreneurs have identified for their family.

To create this alignment, entrepreneurs need an expert advisor they can trust deeply, an advisor who uses a thorough process to understand their complex motives.  Entrepreneurs also need an advisor who can help them make great decisions in every area that impacts their financial life and ensure the details of those decisions actually get done.  Some of those areas include:

  • Income – what to do with existing income streams and windfalls.
  • Taxes – how to mitigate taxes and realize a greater share of after-tax wealth.
  • Investments – how to make investment decisions in line with goals and risk tolerances.
  • Estate planning – how to protect assets and deploy legal structures that protect loved ones.
  • Insurance – how to prevent unjust seizure and losses from accidents and disasters.
  • Real estate – how to pay off mortgages and acquire the right properties.
  • Financial planning – how to grow wealth to levels that provide real peace of mind.

For each of these areas, there are numerous options for achieving your goals.  Which options are right for your unique situation and family?  Who do you trust to help explore the upside and downside of each option?  Who will help you execute your decisions and put the right structures in place?  Who will watch over the results and help ensure you realize outcomes that matter to your family?  Who has the time and expertise to do all of this?

This is why we developed the CASEY NEILON ENTREPRENEURIAL EXCELLENCE™ program.  If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your family, please complete the form on this page.