The Casey Neilon Entrepreneur Excellence™ (CNEE) program is a comprehensive approach to building and executing a strategic plan that puts your family in the best possible position to achieve your financial dreams.  This annually renewable program provides four core services and a close partnership with a Casey Neilon consultant who serves as your family quarterback.

The Casey Neilon Entrepreneur Excellence™ (CNEE) program is designed to help successful entrepreneurs manage the complexities they face every day.  Most business owners who realize prosperity experience both blessings and challenges.  The single biggest challenge seems to be the complexity associated with making difficult decisions and getting all of the work done once the decisions are made.

The Casey Neilon Entrepreneur Excellence™ (CNEE) program is based on a year-round service model.  Clients sign up for the program one year at a time, but the program is designed to deliver long-term benefits by focusing on today’s top priorities and tomorrow’s goals.

Entrepreneurs today face a host of challenges and exciting opportunities.  One of the biggest challenges is trying to figure out how to align the wealth you have today and the wealth you’ll earn over the next several years with your long-term goals.  Successful entrepreneurs have so many options and so many different possible ways to achieve goals.  But building a plan that you can be confident in is very hard.

The Casey Neilon Entrepreneur Excellence™ (CNEE) program provides a comprehensive and structured approach to understanding the complexities and nuances of each client we serve.  The program focuses in four key areas.

At Casey Neilon, we strive to make our services as affordable as possible for all entrepreneurs.  This is why we designed the Casey Neilon Entrepreneurial Excellence™ program with several different service levels.  Please review the options on this page to see which program level you feel is affordable for your situation.