“Casey Neilon asked us the kinds of questions that no CPA had ever asked before. I could tell they were really trying to understand us and that gave me peace-of-mind.”

Irving Alameda, Entrepreneur


Mr. Alameda interviewed three accounting firms on the phone, and each one impressed him.  However, the other two firms recommended that he come in to their office and visit them to get started.  Darsi Casey, Managing Shareholder of Casey Neilon, offered to come to Mr. Alameda’s home to have a conversation with him and his wife.

“I told her that I want dedication, honesty, integrity and service” stated Mr. Alameda.  “For two hours she listened to me and my wife explain our situation.  She asked a lot of great questions about us, our family and what we’re trying to accomplish at this point in our life.  The CPAs I’ve talked to in the past never asked us the kinds of questions that Darsi asked.  That impressed me,” says Mr. Alameda.

He hired Casey Neilon on the spot to provide tax consulting services for his business and his personal situation.  He also retained the firm to provide consulting services for those situations that are somewhat out-of-the-box.


Casey Neilon serves Mr. Alameda and his family by meeting with them on a regular basis to advise on a wide range of concerns.  Mr. Alameda also knows that good counsel is just a phone call away.  “I can be driving down the road and something will come up and I can call the Casey Neilon office,” says Mr. Alameda.

“They pick up the phone and help me get answers or at least get the process started.  That eases my mind because I have so many things going on,” stated Mr. Alameda.


I have 100% confidence in Casey Neilon to be my advisor for both my business and personal situation,” said Mr. Alameda.  “That’s pretty rare.  At first, I thought I would have to hire two accounting firms to advise me.”

“I like the way Darsi and the team at Casey Neilon interact with me,” stated Mr. Alameda.  “They are good listeners and seem to infer things that I might not always make clear.  Darsi has made numerous quality suggestions and always provides a range of options.  But when the time comes to act, she makes things as black-and-white as possible so I know what’s going on.”

“I take great comfort,” stated Mr. Alameda, “in knowing that Casey Neilon is watching over our affairs and providing guidance on situations that can be quite complex at times.”


Casey Neilon is an independent accounting consultancy dedicated to the success of entrepreneurs and their families. The firm was founded in 2005 in northern Nevada. For more than a decade, business owners have trusted Casey Neilon to solve some of their most complex tax and finance challenges. If you need a long-term partner to do so much more than mitigate taxes, you need Casey Neilon.