“The bottom line is that we’ve saved money relative to both personal and corporate taxes.”

Jim Collings, Entrepreneur


After an initial conversation, the Collings retained Casey Neilon to provide a range of services.  The Collings wanted consulting services for making the business transitions they were considering.  But they also preferred to consolidate their accounting providers into one organization who could be there for the long-haul, especially for helping with estate planning concerns.

“Casey Neilon helped us transfer my RIA practice in the most tax-efficient manner possible,” says Mr. Collings.  “They also helped us change the corporate status of the property management business, which required some research on their part.  This was an important decision, especially given the changing tax laws.”

“Their recommendations were concise and based on research and tax strategies that made sense to us,” states Mr. Collings.  “The advice was sound.  The response from the firm was great and this gave us confidence that we were moving in the right direction.”

The Collings were also hoping to establish a relationship with an accounting firm that could provide continuity of service to their heirs.  The Collings children are entrepreneurial, like their parents.  “I want this firm to work with my daughters and son,” says Mr. Collings.  The Collings family also has a foundation for which Casey Neilon provides guidance.


The bottom line is that we’ve saved money on both our personal and corporate taxes,” states Mr. Collings.  “What we’ve done in restructuring our businesses will not only save us money over time, it will also allow us to leave a better legacy for our children.  That’s really paramount to us.”

“I was looking for a very knowledgeable and responsive accounting firm who could help us through this life-transition,” says Mr. Collings.  “What I’ve found in Casey Neilon is so much more than that.  I’m very pleased with them.  I refer people to them all the time because Casey Neilon is in it for the long-term.”


Casey Neilon is an independent accounting consultancy dedicated to the success of entrepreneurs and their families. The firm was founded in 2005 in Northern Nevada.  For more than a decade, business owners have trusted Casey Neilon to solve some of their most complex tax and finance challenges.  If you need a long-term partner to do so much more than mitigate taxes, you need Casey Neilon.