Casey Neilon impacts the business and personal lives of ideal clients in ways that are deeply meaningful to them.  Here are just some of the outcomes that our ideal clients realize as a result of us serving them.

Peace Of Mind:

Our clients realize greater peace of mind knowing that they’ve made the best decisions possible and have a partner who deeply knows them taking care of the details that impact their family and businesses.


Our clients realize clarity about the future of their business and personal wealth as a result of our consultative process.  Because we ask deep and probing questions, we help our clients analyze and clarify what is important to them.

Time To Work On What They Do Best:

Our clients gain back large chunks of time when we serve them.  This allows them to focus more time and energy on what they do best – usually growing their existing business or starting a new business.  They also have more time for family and loved ones with greatly reduced worries interrupting or draining the quality of that time.

Better Decisions:

Our clients make better decisions because we are guiding them.  They make those decisions faster and based on more accurate and up-to-date information.  Our clients realize, in their relationship with us, someone to bounce ideas off and help them think creatively about various ways to achieve their goals.

Reduced Trouble:

We help our clients avoid situations that could be deeply troubling or potentially disastrous.  This trouble could be with the IRS, with regulatory bodies, with bankers or with private equity partners.  Trouble in any one of these areas could result in disastrous financial consequences and time-intensive conflicts that would pull them away from the work and families they love.

Increased Wealth Retention:

Our clients retain a greater share of the wealth they create because we help them avoid paying more than their fair share of taxes and avoid penalties from improper or late filing of documents.

Legacy Protection:

Because we guide our clients for the long-term, we put them in the best possible position to leave a meaningful legacy.  By keeping them out of trouble and on-track for their goals, we help them build very valuable businesses that realize strong multiples on EBITDA.  For those who choose to retire, this gives them a great feeling of accomplishment and a legacy to leave to heirs and charitable organizations.


Our clients feel validated when we help them discover more effective ways of accomplishing their goals and check-in with them to ensure they are managing their businesses according to those standards.

A Partner For Life:

Our clients have a partner for life in Casey Neilon, which helps them breathe, take a long-term perspective and dream about the possibilities.

If you’d like more information about how we can deliver these benefits to your family, please fill out the form on this page.