In 2005, two seasoned business women began to compare career notes. Darsi Casey had started out in the late 1980’s with a business degree majoring in marketing, never intending to become a CPA. Nicola Neilon (Niki) had begun raising a family before continuing her education and finding her love for accounting and her path to becoming a CPA.

Casey Neilon’s ideal client is a time-starved entrepreneur.  They are an owner or key stakeholder in a successful and growing business.  Some Casey Neilon clients are serial entrepreneurs and hold equity in more than one business simultaneously.

Casey Neilon impacts the business and personal lives of ideal clients in ways that are deeply meaningful to them.  Here are just some of the outcomes that our ideal clients realize as a result of us serving them.

Casey Neilon clients choose us for several reasons.  First and most importantly, their financial lives and goals are often very complex, which means our clients need great advice and timely execution of that advice.

At Casey Neilon, everything starts with a conversation.  We want to come to understand your goals, dreams, hopes and fears.  We also want to help you develop the best possible plan for your future.

At Casey Neilon, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients, our community, and the professional and personal growth of our team members. Our team is known for their commitment to reaching their potential, while helping our clients achieve theirs.